At this point, Disney barely even qualifies as a movie studio; it’s more like six or seven connected studios, with the market share to match. 40 percent of the movie tickets sold in the first nine months of 2019 were for Disney titles. Remember how in the future of Cloud Atlas all movies were referred to as “disneys”? That future does not seem that far-fetched at this point.

2019 was a unique year for Disney, though. The company had the capper to its massive Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars saga. It had a sequel to one of its biggest animated hits (Frozen II) and remakes of two others (The Lion King and Aladdin). 2020 could be a very different time. Disney does have two Pixar titles, and two new Marvel movies. And there is one potentially huge live-action remake. But there are no sequels up and down their entire theatrical slate. Pixar’s movies are both new; so is Walt Disney Animation’s big holiday season cartoon.

Some of these movies could connect and become massive blockbusters; you’d be a fool to think they won’t have at least one or two gigantic hits. But this doesn’t seem like the sure bet record-breaking year that 2019 was.

Here’s Disney’s full 2020 slate, via a press release:

  • March 6: Onward (Pixar)
  • March 27: Mulan (Live Action)
  • May 1: Black Widow (Marvel)
  • May 29: Artemis Fowl (Live Action)
  • June 19: Soul (Pixar)
  • July 24: Jungle Cruise (Live Action)
  • August 14: The One and Only Ivan (Live Action)
  • November 6: Eternals (Marvel)
  • November 25: Raya and the Last Dragon (Animated)

Between Eternals and Soul and Raya and the Last Dragon, which all look really interesting (and potentially very strange), it could be the most exciting year creatively for Disney in a long time. Whether it’s a financially successful year is a totally different story. But that’s not for us to worry about.

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