New Year's Resolutions are some of the hardest lifestyle choices to stay committed to. Most of us will keep up with them for a few weeks, maybe a month or two, and then they slowly begin to die down as we get set in our mundane routines. This year though, I challenge you to keep five new year's resolutions that will make 2020 a much better year than 2019.

1). Read more- Reading strengthens the mind. It stimulates our imaginations, creativity, and vocabularies. It could be as simple as a magazine article, or as complex as a manifesto. You should probably settle for something in the middle.

2). Move to the next level of your career- Progress is key. It can be as simple as taking on a new task during your daily routine. Set small goals. They turn into big ones.

3). Cut down on electronics time- We spend on average around 5 hours a day staring at some sort of screen and there are only 24 hours in a day. Put down the phone, turn off the tv and do something more productive!

4). Ask for help- This is simple. Whatever your issue is, ask for help.

5). Make more intimate relationships- 2020 should be the year of connections. My personal goal is to make at least 5 real intimate connections with people in 2020.

Let's keep our promises to ourselves this year. After all, it's the roaring 20's!

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