Gross, maybe even DEADLY bacteria exists on something you llikely touch a couple times a day, or more...

Your cars steering wheel.

A recent study has found that the average car is home to more than 3,826 units of bacteria per square inch.

Amazingly, this is 19 times more than a typical toilet seat.

One of the most common types of bacteria found in 80 per cent of cars is pseudomonas aeruginosa (bless you), which can cause skin rashes and respiratory infections.

Faecal streptococci, poop matter in layman's terms, was found in one in 14 vehicles tested with an average of 1,700 units of bacteria. Ew. In addition, it appears one of the most common causes of food poisoning was also discovered in the cars of parents, commonly found in cup holders and child car seats. This is known scientifically as bacteria bacillus.

In short, it's important to wipe down your steering wheel regularly and, not to eat pudding off of it. Though, I hear that's fun too.

(Via The Sun)

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