It's winter in the Cedar Valley - and the state of Iowa, which means... COLD! Yay. SNOW! Woo. ICE! Huzzah. And, one miserable day? Well, one really miserable day. Yes, I will elaborate.

So once 2020 hit the books as a thing of the past, most Iowans were ready to turn the page. However, we're heading towards our most miserable according to the website Ezvid Wiki. The site ranks February 14th as the most miserable day in our state. To determine this, the sight polled 3,000 Iowans, and used data from 36 different winters (1980-2016) to determined that specific day was the coldest and overall snowiest single day in Iowa during that time period. Oh, and it's also Valentine's Day which if you don't have a plus one, is already pretty miserable.

Now, isn't it possible a large number of people chose this date because it's Valentine's Day? Who knows. Ezvid Wiki's findings say our average temps for February 14th is 17 degrees, and we average almost one inch of snow. Hey, it's something to look forward to, right?

Stay strong my single friends, looks like everyone in Iowa is miserable on Valentine's Day.

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