How Much Snow Will We Get?
Ah yes, snow in March. Fun stuff, right? The record amount of snow to fall on March 15th in Waterloo is 9.5." That record was set in 1923 and I think it's safe that record will hold.
However, it's quite likely that after this storm system rolls through, it will be the sec…
USA has Most Snow Coverage Since Records Began
The amount of snow encompassing the United States this week is wild. As Iowans, we are accustomed to dealing with deep drifts and bitter cold every winter. But other parts of the nation are not. As of 2/16, 73% of the country had snow on the ground...
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Will We Break the Record for Snowiest Winter?
Spring is less than 30 days away. Which means there's still plenty of time for more SNOW.
According to the below chart from the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, Waterloo has accumulated over 43" of snow since October 1, 2020. That's nearly 10" above average, but still 16...
Watch Fireball Zip Across Power Lines (VIDEO)
Video shot by Chris Fitzmorris in Kenner, Louisiana, shows electrical power surging through the lines at the same time a transformer went down as a winter storm ripped through the state.
Thousands of people were without power across Louisiana as icy winter storms move across the state on Monday …
How Often are Blizzard Warnings Issued in Iowa?
A Blizzard is defined as: Blowing and/or falling snow with winds of at least 35 mph, reducing visibilities to a quarter of a mile or less for at least three hours.
But how often are these issued within the state of Iowa?
The Iowa Environmental Mesonet has created a graph (below) sh…
** info updated at 5:45 AM 1/30***
The National Weather Service in Des Moines has issued a WINTER STORM WARNING for portions of Eastern Iowa from 9 AM SATURDAY TO 9 AM SUNDAY.
The NWS says to expect total snow accumulations of 2 to 5 inches and ice accumulations of one tenth to two tenths of an inch i…
Possible ‘SNOW SQUALL’ on Friday Afternoon
First of all, WHAT IS A SNOW SQUALL?
According to the National Weather Service:
A snow squall typically lasts less than an hour. The sudden white-out conditions combined with falling temperatures produce icy roads in just a few minutes. The combination of gusty winds, falling temperatures and quick re…

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