Slow Start to the Storm Season in Iowa
It has been extremely quiet in Iowa so far this year in the category of Severe Weather. Only NINE Thunderstorm/Tornado warnings have been issued in the first 117 days of the year. (Through April 26) It's the lowest amount of warnings issued thus far into the year since 2003...
Video of a Bolt of Lightning Destroying a Tree
On Thursday, April 8, a bolt of lightning destroyed a pine tree at a High School in Wautoma, Wisconsin.
According to the National Weather Service: Air is a very poor conductor of electricity and gets extremely hot when lightning passes through it. How...
Is This the Best Storm Chasing Video?
During 2020, photographer and filmmaker Dustin Farrell spent the storm chasing season by putting on more than 38,000 miles to chase down Mother Nature's Fury.
On his official YouTube Channel he said that he chased and recorded so many storms that it took two months to edit all of …
Iowa Temperatures Predicted to be ABOVE NORMAL Through June
After being treated to our first 70*+ day of 2021 on Monday, below normal temps will settle in Wednesday and Thursday, but FEAR NOT, the mercury will look to rebound for the first week of April.
The National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center says that there’s a 60-70% chance o…
How Much Snow Will We Get?
Ah yes, snow in March. Fun stuff, right? The record amount of snow to fall on March 15th in Waterloo is 9.5." That record was set in 1923 and I think it's safe that record will hold.
However, it's quite likely that after this storm system rolls through, it will be the sec…
**Updated Friday 3/12 at 5 AM**
Mother Nature can be cruel.
After setting record high temperatures in parts of Iowa on both Tuesday and Wednesday, there’s a chance that the state could get drilled by Winter Weather early next week…seriously...

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