The Iowa caucus is coming up fast: Monday, February 3 to be exact. But according to a new survey of 3,000 voters by communications and public relations firm, Cherry Digital, 67% of Iowa voters say they are already worn out by election coverage. Moreover according to the survey:

  • 3/4 voters believe campaign finances should be capped.
  • Half think elections should have set campaign periods.

This may not be too surprising given all the media attention in our state in the early days of a presidential election. Iowans are the second most fatigued voters in the nation behind only Vermont, who had 76% of voters say they're over it. While the extra attention is nice at first, when you cannot seem to escape it, it really does get old. FAST.

With a barrage of political TV commercials and constant politic-themed social media posts from family and friends, it feels like November 3rd, Election Day, is a long ways off.


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