Nowadays, recycling is just a way of life, good for planet Earth and all that stuff. Also taking precautions to not fall on the ice and snow, is good for your personal well-being!

That being said, a friend of mine, Steven Eilers, Urban Agriculture Extension Agent at Iowa State University Extension came up with this "life hack" to help us survive slippery sidewalks and driveways.

Townsquare Media - Shawn McKenna
Townsquare Media - Shawn McKenna

Save your old Parmesan cheese shakers and convert them in to ice melt shakers! These personal size shakers are perfect to keep in your vehicle, they fit in a coat pocket or purse, and can get you from car to office or house safely. Easy to fill and refill and easy to sprinkle as you walk. It's certainly better than this alternative (see photo above). Just be careful with your Parmesan containers, don't get the one filled with ice melt confused with the one with cheese in it, that would make for some nasty tasting pizza!

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