It's inevitable.  Cold.  Snow.  Darkness.  Winter is here.  But that doesn't mean you have to wrap yourself in a blanket and stay on the couch for the next 3 months.  You can get out and explore some of the best winter towns in the country.

Iowa is home to three of the coziest winter towns in America and below you can see why.

The Coziest Winter Towns in America


A new study by the travel experts at New York Travel Guides, a travel website, ranked the 110 coziest winter towns in America for a magical getaway. The team of New York Travel Guides collected data to compare 575 small towns. The small towns were compared across 3 categories: (1) popularity during winter with the general public and photographers, (2) cozy weather, and (3) cozy activities and atmosphere.

The top cities in the country are places you might expect with a few other Midwest cities making an appearance.

10 - Stillwater, Minnesota
9 - Petoskey, Michigan
8 - Frakenmuth, Michigan
7 - Portsmouth, New Hampshire
6 - Lake Placid, New York
5 - Aspen, Colorado
4 - Vail, Colorado
3 - Stowe, Vermont
2 - Breckenridge, Colorado
1 - Leavenworth, Washington

The Coziest Winter Towns in Iowa

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Iowa has three cities in the top 110.

110 - Decorah, Iowa

Perfect for a cozy winter getaway. The town looks beautiful when it snows, there are cozy coffee shops where you can enjoy a hot drink when it is cold outside, and there are many holiday events in the town. A great event that takes place in the town is the "Holiday Lights Walk-through Night" during which you can see lighted displays, listen to music, enjoy hot chocolate, and do much more.

106 - Fairfield, Iowa

During the winter season, you can see gorgeous Christmas lights in the town. Besides that, there are a lot of holiday events in Fairfield. One of the events is the Holiday Light Ceremony, which takes place at Central Park Square. During this event, you can see Santa, listen to Holiday music, enjoy hot cocoa, and see Christmas lights.

27 - Pella, Iowa

Founded in 1847 and known for its Dutch heritage, is one of America's coziest winter towns. Many events take place in the town during the winter season. One of these events is the "Kerstmarkt", which is a Dutch Christmas market. The Christmas Tour of Homes, an event during which you can tour beautifully decorated homes, also takes place in the town. In addition to that, Pella's beautiful downtown looks magical when it is covered in a layer of snow.

Winter is here.  Bundle up and embrace it.  Or we'll see you again in April...ish.

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