9 Things Iowans Will Splurge On After COVID
According to a study from LendingTree most Americans are planning to splurge on something once the pandemic is over, and when the majority of the population get vaccinated. Eight out of ten Americans who say they'll get vaccinated also claim they are planning a "celebratory splurge" s…
8 Country Stars We Want To Host 'Jeopardy'
Jennings won't be the permanent host for the game show, but the first in a line of guest hosts that are expected to step in until producers find a permanent replacement for the late Trebek.

There are plenty of rumors on who could step in to Alex's shoes even as a guest host, but I think …
5 Songs That Mention Iowa
Iowa is a great state. While I've only been here for a short amount of time; I've seen enough of Iowa to know that it is a wild and wonderful place to live. As long as you forget about those Iowa winters. I think it's a good enough state to have songs written about it, and apparently …
10 Ways To Tell If Someone Is From Iowa
I've only been in Iowa for about two weeks, but I'm starting to pick up some of the key things that all Iowans know. I learned that it's always cold, but not cold enough that you necessarily need to dress like it, that ranch goes with everything, and that everyone is so nice.

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