24/7 Wall Street recently published a list of the worst tourist traps in America, and two of them are located here in the Midwest!

According to 24/7 Wall Street, the definition of a tourist trap is "a place that is either overhyped, overpriced, or overcrowded with tourists," or a combination of all three. Using ten different popular travel blogs and websites, the publication put together a list of the 18 worst in the country.

Oddly enough, both of the Midwest "tourist traps" on the list are located in South Dakota. The first is one of America's National Monuments: Mount Rushmore.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial And Keystone, South Dakota Prepare To Host President Trump
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Located in the Black Hill of South Dakota, Mount Rushmore features the carved faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. The size of the monument is impressive, but according to the article, it's not worth the trip. The post reads:

"The drive to Mount Rushmore is long and the payoff is not what many visitors hope for. In reality, if you’ve seen a picture of Mount Rushmore, then you’ve basically seen everything that it has to offer. It is four presidential faces on a mountain. Quite a feat of engineering and artistry, to be sure, but still not worth the hassle. Oh, and there’s also the very controversial history of this monument that can throw a damper on the whole thing."

The other South Dakota attraction deemed one of the worst "tourist traps" by 24/7 Wall Street is located in the small town of Wall. It's the famous Wall Drug!

Wall Drug is a popular stop on the way to other South Dakota attractions and cities, like Mount Rushmore or Rapid City. Billboards for the business promise all sorts of interesting features, which is probably why it's visited by more than two million people each year! 24/7 Wall Street's article reads:

"By the time drivers reach the Wall Drug exit, they simply have to stop to see what the hype is all about. And what these tourists find is a bizarre mashup of themes and décor, including the famous jackalope. There are kids’ attractions, a restaurant, and even a chapel inside the establishment. This short description doesn’t come close to summing up the Wall Drug experience, though."

Built in 1931 as a pharmacy, Wall Drug first gained popularity for their offer of free ice water to thirsty drivers. Now it has MUCH more than that! Visitors can shop in the 50,000 square feet of stores, have lunch at the Western Art Gallery Restaurant, check out Mini Mount Rushmore, pan for gold at three different mines, get sweets from the Soda Fountain Ice Cream Shop, visit the Apothecary Shop and Pharmacy Museum, and so much more!

I'm actually taking a trip to South Dakota this summer, and I fully plan to hit up both of these "tourist traps!" Have you ever visited them? Let us know by sending us a message on the station app!

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