Harvest season is already a hard time for families. There are long days working in the fields, and depending on how many acres you have, it can seem like life gets put on hold for a while. But for some families, harvest can add to the stress they have already been facing.

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Earlier this month, we shared a story about the farmer who was diagnosed with cancer which took him out of the field. To help the family as they navigate these times. The whole town got together to make sure Doug’s harvest got done.

People brought in 10 combines, semis, and grain tucks to get the work done. The field was completed in around three hours!

Unfortunately, another farm family was recently hit with tragedy.

Just a week after Paul Baker of Creston unexpectedly passed away at 66, dozens of farmers in Union County came together to help the family.

When Paul passed, there were five fields that needed to be harvested still.

The farmers used 18 combines, 40 tractor-trailers, and 20-grain carts to harvest 550 acres by noon.

A local business provided sack lunches for the farmers and students from the Saint Malachy School decorated the lunch snacks as well as wrote every farmer a thank-you note.

One of Pauls daughter's, Meredith Wulf, told KCCI that they were touched by the gesture.

The small town community, you can’t beat it. You can't beat the generosity and the example that every single one of these people who came out today, the example they're setting for their children, for their children's children. Because this is how a community comes together and it’s just what life is all about


It just comes to show the power a strong community has.

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