As farmers are heading out to their fields to pick this year’s crops, one has been kept inside.

Doug Arnold has more than 200 acres of corn and soybeans in Humeston. However, last year he was diagnosed with small cell cancer which has kept him inside this season.

But this didn’t mean the fields didn’t get attended to.

According to a KCRG article, the whole town got together to make sure Doug’s harvest got done.

People brought in 10 combines, semis, and grain tucks to get the work done. The field was completed in around three hours!

Doug’s son Travis Arnold told KCRG that the family was touched by the Arnold family who had no idea this was going to happen.

There were people I didn’t even know. We were going through pictures trying to name everyone. I believe my brother said there were about 70 people, probably.

Doug was even able to watch the community come together in his fields from his bed. A live stream was set up using a drone so Doug could watch the kindness his community and neighbors displayed.

Patty Arnold sat with Doug as they watched the community come together to help their family. She listed off volunteers on Facebook, thanking them for the tremendous act of kindness.

Here are some of the volunteers aka angels that helped in running such a well-organized day today taking out our crops. Doug and I wish we could be there to thank each of you individually.

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