It's not aliens that we have to be worried about invading us here in the Hawkeye State.

It's bugs...

Gross, gnarly, and grotesque bugs...

I mean, cicadas sort of look like little aliens, right?

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Cicadas Invade the Midwest For Once In A Lifetime Event


2023 might have been the year of Taylor Swift, but 2024 will be the year of the cicada.

According to reports, for the first time since 1803, two different "broods" or "year classes" will be emerging from underground at right around the same time.

The last time this event happened, President Thomas Jefferson was in the middle of facilitating the Louisiana Purchase!

One brood pops up every thirteen years and the other is on a seventeen-year life cycle. 

This is considered by many experts as a "once in a lifetime event."

These two broods (also known as Brood XIII and Brood XIX) will only see their lifecycles sync up once every 221 years.

When Will The Invasion Happen?

Typically, cicadas reach the stage in their life cycle that causes them to come out and search for a mate in the spring.

Experts say this usually occurs when the soil reaches approximately 64 degrees.

The start of this rather loud mating season will be in late April, but by the 4th of July, they should all be gone.

Just Where Will They Pop Up

Iowa is one of the rare states that will see both broods of cicadas.


The only other state that is anticipated to see this will be Illinois.

Brood XIII will be found in the Northeastern part of the state, while Brood XIX is anticipated to be in the Southeastern region, right along the Missouri border.

Courtesy of NBC News
Courtesy of NBC News

While they might be large in numbers and incredibly loud, they are no danger to humans.

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