Here is the info you need to report a pothole and file a claim if your car is damaged by a local pothole.

As we start to see warmer temperatures, we will also start to see more potholes on the roads of the Cedar Valley. Potholes are created because asphalt surfaces crack during the warming of the day and cooling at night. Water and sand get in those cracks and then when the water freezes, it expands. Also, drivers go over the cracks which causes more stress on the layer of asphalt so when the ice melts, the road divots and collapses causing the pothole.

If you are driving over the same pothole over and over again, report it so it gets fixed. In Waterloo, you can report a pothole HERE, or by calling (319)291-4267. In Cedar Falls you can call (319) 273-8629. If the city doesn't know about the pothole you are going over day in and day out, then they can't fix it so the city needs your help.

You can Tweet at both cities: @WaterlooIowa and @CityCF

If your car is damaged by a Cedar Falls pothole, call the City Clerks Office at (319) 291-4323 and ask for Accident Injury Claim Form. They may be able to help you pay for the repairs. Just tell them that your car was damaged by a pothole and they will walk you through the process of what you need to do.

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