Ah yes, snow in March. Fun stuff, right? The record amount of snow to fall on March 15th in Waterloo is 9.5." That record was set in 1923 and I think it's safe that record will hold.

However, it's quite likely that after this storm system rolls through, it will be the second-most snow to ever fall on March 15th as that amount currently sits at just 2" in 1913. So, yes, it's rather rare to get this amount of snow on March 15th in Waterloo.

As of Sunday morning at 9:30, the National Weather Service has Black Hawk County in a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY from 1 AM 3/15 to 4 PM 3/15.

How much snow? 4-7".

But areas to the Northwest of Waterloo/Cedar Falls -- including Butler and Floyd Counties -- are in a Winter Storm Warning and can expect 5-7" of heavy and wet snow with very windy conditions.

FYI: On March 14th, of 2020, 1.6" of snow fell in Waterloo. That's the seventh-most to ever fall on that date.

Here's the snowfall forecast through Tuesday night:


A glaze of ice could also cause travel problems:



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