Winter is still in full effect as snow has blanketed the state of Wisconsin and the rest of the Midwest region. We've seen extremely cold temperatures, gusting winds, drifting snow, and everything else winter typically brings.

With those cold temperatures, we want to stay as warm as possible and we sometimes resort to space heaters or other things that use a lot of power. Those items have a tendency to start electrical fires if you're not careful.

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If you start to smell something fishy in your home this winter, you are in a home that's about to be or is on fire. And that fire is most likely electrical.

If You Smell Fish Your Home Is On Fire

When someone says they "Smell something fishy," they are normally speaking metaphorically. In this case, we mean literally

If there is a fishy smell being emitted in your home but you haven't made fish recently, you are already in grave danger. It means something is already on fire and you need to get out of your home before the worst could happen.

Experts say that fishy odors in a home almost always mean there’s an electrical fire or one is about to ignite

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Electrical Fires Smell Fishy, But Why?

Many people say an electrical fire emits a fishy scent instead of a burning plastic odor, according to the experts at Black Hills Inc. Unfortunately, the fishy smell typically means it has just started and your house is about to burn down.

House Fire

The electricians at Black Hills Inc. make this note about that fishy smell,

"The fish odor is caused by electrical components overheating that haven’t begun to burn up. Their heat-resistant chemical coatings can also release a fishy odor when they are burned."

You can definitely tell when you have an electrical fire by the fishy or burning plastic smell. If you can smell those, you're in extreme danger and need to leave immediately.

How To Prevent Electrical Fires

It's pretty easy to prevent electrical fires. Don't think you can plug everything into one outlet because that's an easy way to get things started.

Overloaded Power Strip

There are several ways to prevent electrical fires and the experts with the U.S. Fire Administration have them listed. Give their tips a look and make sure your home isn't going to start smelling fishy anytime soon.

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