April 4th, 2009, Northeast Iowa’s Homeland Energy Solutions produced its first gallon of fuel ethanol. 13 years later, on April 7th, 2022, they reached a new milestone- 2 billion gallons of ethanol.

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Homeland Energy Solutions, located in Lawler Iowa, processes corn into ethanol and its co-products. Co-products refer to the components that you get after the distillation of corn products such as distillers’ grain, corn oil, and industrial-grade ethanol.

Homeland Energy Solutions
Homeland Energy Solutions

Homeland Energy Solutions hit its 1-billion-gallon milestone back in August 2016 Telly Papasimakis, is the President and CEO of Homeland Energy Solutions.

It took Homeland approximately seven and a half years to produce our first billion gallons and then just over five and a half years to get to our second billion. So that time was accelerated from one to two.

Through optimization and expansion, Homeland Energy has been able to expand to produce around 185 million gallons of ethanol a year.

We employ approximately 70 people and we grind approximately 70 million bushels of corn annually, which adds a lot of value to a local farming community.

The success they have seen over the years, says Papasimakis, comes from the support they get from their board, farmers, and the community.

We are producing a sustainable fuel biofuel that not only takes away dependence from foreign oil but also supports local farmers and the local also feed the animal community because we produce some of our CO products or feed feedstock for the animal industry. And alongside doing that, we're also creating jobs and reducing emissions by producing cleaner fuels.

He adds moving forward, they are hoping to hit their next billionth gallon of ethanol faster than the last two.


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