We have seen the headlines and we have seen the dents it has been making in our wallets- gas prices are hitting record highs. Midwest lawmakers, especially those in Iowa, have been pushing to increase E15 and E85 availability and recently have been making progress in doing so.

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The biggest argument we have heard lawmakers such as Grassley, Reynolds, Ernst, and others make for E15 access is the cost-saving benefits the fuel comes with.

To help further educate people about these benefits, the Renewable Fuels Association is once again hosting its annual Ethanol Days of Summer Contest. This contest gives drivers to win $250 in free fuel between Memorial and Labor Day.

There are currently more than 5,500 stations selling E85 across 3,000 cities. Around 2,600 stations currently carry E15, and with Iowa’s recent E15 mandate, that number is expected to raise.

Drivers will be entered into a random weekly drawing by:

  • Submitting prices online

You can register an account at E85Prices.com or on their app to submit retail stations with higher blends of ethanol like E15 or E85.

  • Posting photos of higher ethanol blends on Twitter

If you pumping gas, take a photo of the fuel dispenser or the price sign that includes regular unleaded (E10) and E15 and/or E85. Post these photos on Twitter, tagging @EthanolRFA, and include the hashtags: #ethanol #E15 #E85 and #fuelprices.

If you don’t know where to find these stations, E85Prices.com has a map that shows where the stations are nationwide as well as their historical prices. There is also an ethanol saving calculator that allows users to calculate their savings from using ethanol blends.

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