When I think of getting banned from an establishment, my brain goes to... restaurant, or department store. Maybe sports venue. I could even see music festival if you really mess things up. But our IOWA STATE FAIR? Not something I can imagine anyone could be banned from... for life.

Well, it happened. A Des Moines man who pulled out his smart phone and recorded what he claimed was the abuse of a show pig at the Iowa State Fair back on August 8th, got the permanent boot from all future Iowa State Fairs. But is that fair?

Wheaten Mather told the Des Moines Register that he and a pal were at the fair on opening day when he saw a boy hitting a squealing show pig in its face with a stick (these are called hog whips), and Mather started recording on his phone. That's where things get dicey for Mr. Mather...

He went and confronted the fair CEO, Gary Slater, about what he had seen. Fast forward, 10 days later, Mather says Slater tolerated his questions at first but after a while became dismissive and called fair cops to remove him.

Mather says that’s when an officer told him he was being ejected... for life.

A fair spokeswoman says Mr. Mather was banned because he was, quote, 'combative and a little threatening.' Yep, that will usually do it...

Courtesy: Google Maps Street View

(Additional Source: Iowa Associated Press)