The National Weather Service reported three tornadoes in Iowa on Tuesday morning in Madison, Warren and Marion counties.

The Madison County twister happened at Badger Creek State Park at 5:21 a.m. It was rated and EF-1 with 110 mph winds. No injuries have been reported.

Another tornado caused damage in Lacona. It was an EF-3 with 135 mph winds. It was on the ground for five minutes around 6 a.m. on an over 5 mile path.

A third tornado was reported in Marion County impacted the town of Tracy just before 6:30 a.m. It was rated an EF-1 with estimated peak wind speeds of 110 mph.

That brings the total to four this month. Iowa averages around 4 tornadoes in the month of August.

So far, there has been 40 tornadoes in Iowa this year. The state averages around 51/year. The strongest tornado this year occurred on May 29th in extreme SE Iowa, near the Missouri border, northeast of the town of Cantril. It was an EF-3 with 140 mph winds. (This is the only EF-3 tornado so far this year in Iowa)

In 2018, Iowa saw 69 twisters.

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