April is just weird.

Rain, snow, sleet, heat, Iowa. Really Iowa should just have it's own weather category. Iowa sure likes to keep the weather men and women on their toes. You'd think that people who are just getting into meteorology should have to start in places like San Diego where all they have to say is, "Today will be sunny and 75." The experienced/well versed meteorologists should be put in Iowa because the weather changes by the hour.

Des Moines National Weather Service sent out a tweet that said that areas (including Waterloo) could see a high of 80 degrees for Sunday.

One promise that I will make is that I will never complain about the heat. Just a few months ago, it was -55 so I'll take this heat.

How long do you think this lasts before we get that one more snow storm? How long until we get another 30 degree day. From now on, we will call these days #summertease.

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