Waterloo has some cool street names. From elegant names like Ellington Street to sweet names like Friendship Lane, there's a lot of good ones. However, just off one of the most popular roads, San Marnin Dr., there are two streets that desperately need to renamed like, ten years ago... Not because they're offensive. Not because they're named after someone whose reputation is tarnished when looked at through a 2021 lens... because they're irrelevant.

Streets named after businesses are often a BAD idea

The streets needing to be renamed: Sears St. and Penney's St. off San Marnan. Each named after a business in the dilapidated Crossroads Mall. The main issue here is, there's no longer a Sears nor a JC Penney's. Those two companies no longer exist in Waterloo. In the case of Sears, the company has dealt with bankruptcy issues, and the company has closed almost all brick and mortar stores. Why give 'em publicity with a street name? Why do this for any business? Sadly, businesses close. It just seems like a poor idea.

Penney's St.


Sears St.


So what should these streets become?

There's a lot of famous folks to come out of Waterloo. Lou Henry Hoover, Dan Gable, Darren Sproles... There are also plenty of other more generic options, too. Pretty much ANY name would be better than the outdated two options that currently adorn the maps of Waterloo, Iowa currently. What do you think would be a good new name for these streets? Or, are you a fan of keeping the current name?

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