Kelly Clarkson rose to fame when she was the first-ever winner of American Idol back in 2002.

Clarkson was born April 24, 1982, and grew up in Burelson, Texas (a suburb of Fort Worth). When she was in seventh grade, a choir teacher first recognized her powerful voice, and after high school she moved to Los Angeles to try and make it in Hollywood.

After failing to break into show business, she returned to Texas and in 2002 became a contestant on the first season of American Idol. The rest is history.

The evening that she won, she instantly became a household name in America and all across the globe. American Idol was a new show in the States, and it seemed to intrigue most of America with its live voting and performances.

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Since her famed American Idol win, Clarkson has gone on to have a huge career, both in music, and now, television and the big screen.

Clarkson has released 10 studio albums to date, has had 3 No. 1 songs and 11 Top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100. She has also headlined eight tours throughout her career.

She's also appeared in four movies on the big screen, along with stints on The Voice as well as her own television talk show, which she currently hosts each weekday.

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