If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you be buying?

Many Americans who end up winning some extra cash from state or National lotteries end up using those funds to pay off their debts.

One Iowa woman who won $2 million ended up using that money to pay her mortgage, student loan debt, and credit card debt. 

That seems like a pretty reasonable thing to do, right?

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According to reports, another Iowa woman used her multi-million-dollar winnings to improve the construction on her new home.

She had lost her house when a tornado rolled through her town.

Now, a Waterloo man is contemplating what he’ll be doing with his winnings.

Waterloo Man Turns $5 Into Life-Changing Cash

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

According to a report from the Iowa Lottery, Austin Smith purchased a ticket for the $5 "LUCK" scratch game. The Eastern Iowa resident bought it at 2332 Falls Avenue in Waterloo.

It turns out that $5 quickly transformed into $50,000.

Smith bought the winning ticket in this Iowa Lottery game!

The Waterloo man claimed his chunk of change in Cedar Rapids at the Iowa Lottery's regional office.

Congratulations, Austin!

A Little About the LUCK Game

The game that Smith played (LUCK) is a $5 scratch game. There are eight prizes of $50,000 with odds of 1 in 3.58.

For more information about the game or other Iowa Lottery games on the lottery website.

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