More change is coming to Waterloo.

Over the next few months, the people of the Cedar Valley will start to notice some changeovers within the Waterloo Police Department.

It was just announced that the city is once again on the hunt for a new Chief of Police.

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Officials confirmed that Waterloo Police Chief Joe Leibold announced his retirement last week.

Leibold has been with the Waterloo Police department for thirty-four years now.

"He has a lot of pride in the City of Waterloo and has been honored to work with the officers, other city departments and the elected officials in various capacities over the course of his career," officials said in the statement.

His last day as police chief will be June 21st, 2024.

According to officials, Liebold will continue to oversee the day-to-day operations of the police department up until his last day on the force.

Who Could Be His Replacement?

Nothing is set in stone yet. There is just over three months until the Waterloo Police Chief steps down, so the city is already on the hunt for a replacement.

"The City is considering the best process to search for his replacement, and will announce the plan once decided," city officials said in the social media statement.

A Challenging Few Years

Photo By: Elwin Huffman - Townsquare Media
Photo By: Elwin Huffman - Townsquare Media

In 2022, Liebold took over the position from former Waterloo Chief of Police Joel Fitzgerald. He resigned after receiving an offer from police in Denver, Colorado.

Fitzgerald came into office in 2019 and became quite infamous for applying to several open police positions during his brief tenure.

The incoming Chief of Police will be the fourth person in that position in five years.

What's Next For Waterloo PD?

Due to the nature of the process of finding a new police chief, this is considered a developing story. Throughout this process, we will keep you updated as more information is made available to the public.

There have been no possible candidates for the position that the Waterloo Police Department has shared as of yet.

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