As a Green Bay Packer fan, I was disappointed that Aaron Rodgers was ruled out of Sunday's huge matchup against the Kansas City Cheifs. It was billed as the quarterback matchup of the year in Rodgers against Patrick Mahomes. But Rodgers landed on the COVID-19 reserve list on Wednesday and was ruled out of Sunday's game. But wait a minute...couldn't Rodgers play on Sunday if he had back-to-back negative tests within 24 hours? Sure. But that rule is reserved for NFL players who have already been vaccinated.

Yes, the real shocking news yesterday is that Aaron Rodgers is one of the few NFL players that remain unvaccinated. But perhaps more shocking than that is that early in the season he had a chance to clarify his stance on the issue, but choose instead to lie. Back in late August, CNN reports that Rodgers was asked point-blank if he had been given the vaccine. Rodgers stated that he had been "immunized". Rodgers went on to say that he wouldn't judge players that didn't get the vaccine, calling it a personal decision. It was also revealed yesterday that Rodgers tried to go a different route with treatment. ESPN reports Rodgers underwent alternative treatments before returning to the Packers for training camp. He petitioned the NFL to consider him vaccinated. The league stated that not unless he got the shot.

Now, to be clear, saying Rodgers got COVID because he wasn't vaccinated, is short-sighted at best. His teammate, wide receiver Davante Adams missed time this season with COVID and was vaccinated. Health officials estimate break-through cases among the vaccinated to be around 500 per 100,000 residents. But you also can't ignore the fact that if Rodgers was vaccinated, he had a much better chance of NOT contracting COVID and being available for one of his team's biggest games of the year. His actions seem disingenuous and not that of a team-first guy.

And now the door has been left wide open for quarterback Jordan Love. What happens if Love comes out and lights up KC and the Packers win? How loud will the call for Rodgers to leave at the season's end be then? Worse yet, what if the league finds that Rodgers didn't obey COVID protocol and suspends him for multiple games? How would that look during a year when your team is a favorite to win the Super Bowl?

Aaron Rodgers has got some explaining to do. And no State Farm commercial will get him out of this mess.


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