The CDC reports that the Community Level of COVID-19 in Linn County has transitioned from medium to high. 

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According to the Center for Disease Control, Linn County's COVID-19 numbers are on the rise again.

The official report says that the COVID Community Levels for the county are high. As per the recommendation of the CDC, people are once again encouraged to wear masks indoors in public.


This news had Cedar Rapids city officials reach a decision. On July 15th, the city announced a change to its COVID protocols.

The official statement reads:

"In accordance with the CDC's recommendations, the City of Cedar Rapids will require the public to wear masks in City buildings, effective Monday, July 18 at 7:30 AM. Masks will be recommended on Cedar Rapids Transit. All City buildings remain open to the public with the mask requirement in effect."

Starting Monday, July 18th at 7:30 AM, this mask mandate will go into effect for all buildings owned by the city. All employees and visitors will be required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status, according to reports.

City employees MUST wear masks in all circumstances which include all city buildings, vehicles, and other indoor locations while on duty.

Courtesy: Julia Sudnitskaya - ThinkStock
Courtesy: Julia Sudnitskaya - ThinkStock

However, employees will not have to wear a face covering when not within 6 feet of other individuals as well as when in their own office space.

One of those buildings is the Cedar Rapids Public Library. The library issued a statement,

"The health and safety of visitors to City buildings is our primary concern. This policy is in accordance with both CDC and Linn County Public Health recommendations."

Read more information about the city's COVID policies here.

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