It's a lofty goal, but Governor Kim Reynolds feels we can get there: 75% of Iowans vaccinated from COVID-19 by the end of June. She'd also like 65% vaccinated by the end of May. Can it be done? She believes so. According to a Radio Iowa report, Gov. Reynolds said the State will do everything it can to get people to accept the vaccine. The goal comes as demand in Iowa for the shots has plunged, and the public health departments in 80 of Iowa’s 99 counties declined some or even all of their weekly shot allotment.

The goal is to vaccinate students

Gov. Reynolds admits incentives may be needed to get younger candidates to get the COVID shot.

The colleges have taken a look at different ways that they could incentivize the students to get the vaccine.

In order to drive people around college age to get vaccinated, Iowa could adopt an incentive like West Virginia’s. They're giving out $100 savings bonds to all who are eligible to be vaccinated under the age of 36. While Gov. Reynolds seems to be leaning towards mobile clinics as a means to reach the goal, not a monetary sum, time will tell i the state can reach its goal without further incentives.

Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash
Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

There's a long ways to go to reach 75% vaccinated in Iowa

According to the report, as of April 28, roughly 56% of Iowa’s adult population has had at least one dose of COVID vaccine. The good news is only 8% of those over 65 have not been vaccinated. Still, there's a long ways to go to get 75% of Iowans vaccinated. And it's no longer due to supply constraints.

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