Shots were fired near UNI Tuesday night, leading to an alert being sent to students. Shortly before 8 pm, an alert went out to students to warn them of the shooting, which KWWL reports happened near 18th Street and Hudson Road.

No one was hurt in the shooting, and no one was arrested

Cedar Falls Public Safety confirmed that the shooting happened near the Lexington Heights subdivision, and no one was injured. They also say no one was, as of yet, arrested and that there's no threat to the public.

The alert(s) sent to UNI students courtesy of Megan Studer
The alert(s) sent to UNI students courtesy of Megan Studer

UNI faces the continuing challenges of COVID-19 in 2022

UNI is just welcoming students back to class after winter break, with classes resuming Thursday. The school tweeted a reminder to students that they can help slow the spread of COVID-19 and the now prevalent Omicron Variant during the spring semester. While there is no mask mandate on campus, the school is strongly encouraging students to wear masks while in public locations, including classrooms. They've also updated their guidance to include the CDCs recent recommendation to use N95 and KN95 masks as opposed to looser cloth masks.

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UNI is also continuing to strongly encourage all students to get vaccinated and/or get their booster for COVID-19 while reminding students to stay home if they feel sick, even if they have not tested positive for the coronavirus. Any student looking for a COVID-19 test is encouraged to call the Student Health Center at 319-273-2100 for an appointment, or pick-up a saliva test from the lobby of the SHC.

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