An Eastern Iowa man, accused of using social media to aid him in robbing a victim in Oelwein, has pleaded guilty to lesser charges in Fayette County.

20 year old Mason Mally of Center Point was accused of luring a person using SnapChat; Mally had arranged to sell an item to another person in Oelwein, but instead pulled a gun on the victim and robbed them of $1,500, holding him up in his vehicle.

The incident happened in February; Mally was charged with First Degree Robbery, Going Armed with Intent, and False Imprisonment.

His trial was scheduled to begin today (Wednesday, June 26), but Mally pleaded guilty to the lesser charges of Going Armed, and Tampering With a Witness. The witness tampering charge was from an incident in March, in which he allegedly threatened a witness.

Mally will be sentenced in August; he could face five years for the going with armed charge, and 2 years for witness tampering.


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