Iowa Beef Industry Council (IBIC) and the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association (ICA) have joined forces to embark on a quest. The quest- the find Iowa’s Best Burger in 2022.

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Kylie Peterson is the director of marketing for the Iowa Beef Industry Council says they are taking nominations now.

“This contest just is a great way for us to highlight the restaurant industry that is such a valuable partner to Iowa beef industry,” said Peterson. “Although there are a lot of great restaurants in the state of Iowa, in we know from experience that the winners of this contest are well above standard they serve some outstanding burgers and so finding these great burgers depends on Iowans choosing their favorite and nominating them.”

This is the thirteenth year the groups are holding this contest. The groups ask that Iowans nominate their favorite burgers up until March 14, 2022.

“The burger must be 100% real beef served in a patty on a bun or bread product. Any spices that can be added to the paddy and burgers can include a combination of condiments and toppings. But really what the judges are basing their judging criteria on is the taste of the beef patty, its appearance, and the proper cooking temperature of 160 degrees,” said Peterson.

Winning this contest can really help the restaurant’s business grow, which was definitely the case with last year’s winner Bambino’s in Ossian.

“They went from serving 400 Burgers a week to you know tripling that they thought a 70% increase and sales of burgers after winning the contest,” said Peterson. “So really this contest helps move product, help drive new consumers and people in this state to these small towns and get people really excited in those areas about trying new places.”

Nominations for the contest can be found online on the Iowa Beef Industry Council’s website.

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