Reba McEntire has been the colonel since the beginning of 2018, but there's a new person taking on the role.

There have been many celebrities to don the role Colonel Sanders and starting Monday, August 6th, a new celebrity wears the white coat and facial hair.

Bringing the colonel back to TV first was SNL alum Darrell Hammond. Then it was comedian Norm Macdonald. Next it was another comedian Jim Gaffigan who is known for having an act that is 95% about food. KFC brought the celebrity role to the "extra crispy" side by hiring the always tan looking George Hamilton. The colonel then jumped into the WWE ring to take down a lesser fried chicken mascot when WWE Superstar Dolf Ziggler put on the uniform. KFC kept Colonel Sanders in the sports world when actor/comedian/and former United State Marine Corps member Rob Riggle became Sanders. Doubling with Riggle to promote KFC's "Golden Colonel", Titanic start and model Billy Zane became Sanders. When KFC went back in time to the 50's they hired Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser. KFC then rattled off 3 Colonel Sanders in a row with Rob Lowe, Ray Liotta and Christopher Boyer. They all had the role before KFC's first and only female took on the role and that (of course) was Reba McEntire.

Now the role has been passed to another actor, this time of Seinfeld fame. The new Colonel Sanders is Jason Alexander. 

For me, however, my favorite time Colonel Sanders was in the media is when Mike Meyers ranted about the colonel in the movie So I Married an Axe Murderer. 

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