Crazy role reversal.

After his horse got bit by a snake, this guy just picks up the horse and throws it on his back. After a 3 mile walk to the nearest help, both the horse and the man are doing well.

The average weight of an adult horse is anywhere between 840 and 2,200 pounds. This guys carried this horse the length of almost 53 full football fields. He clearly took a break or two considering this horse switches directions on his shoulders. There is a lot of doubtful feed back in the comment section on Twitter about why is the camera there. But let's be honest, look at that guy, I'm sure the camera man isn't as huge as he is so what is the camera person going to do to help?

After seeing this tweet, there was also a response from one of my favorite comedians, Mark Normand. He said, "This guy is gonna clean up on"

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