The State of Iowa is in the top 10 this week, for gains in the number of residents with the flu.

According to the Walgreens Flu Index, the top 10 states with flu activity gains for the week that ended Saturday, January 12th, are, in this order:

#1. Nevada
#2. Nebraska
#3. Hawaii
#4. Iowa
#5. Utah
#6. New Jersey
#7. Idaho
#8. West Virginia
#9. Connecticut
#10. Wyoming.

The index was developed to provide the public, health officials, and the media, with information concerning flu activity in the United States, and ranks states that experience the highest incidents of influenza.

This is the 5th season for the index. It also helps to remind citizens to take measures to prevent catching the bug.

One way is to get a flu shot. Staying generally healthy throughout the flu season is also good.

States that had the most flu activity totals last week, were (in order from 1 to 10):
Nebraska, New Mexico, Kentucky, Texas, Nevada, New Jersey, Wyoming, Colorado, Tennessee and Utah.

The index is compiled using the Walgreens' retail prescription data for medications used to treat influenza. The numbers are compiled each week during the flu season.


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