Are these scores different than yours?

For the third year in a row, Iowa's ACT scores have dropped. The highest score being a 36, 68% of Iowa's high school students took the ACT and the average score was 21.8. While the average score is a full point higher than the national average (20.8), Iowa's scores have slipped and are trending downward. Also, this year's high school graduates are not as "college ready" as they have been in the past.

Math and English specifically are taking hits.

Since 2014 Iowa math benchmarks have dropped from 48% to 44% and English benchmarks are down from 75% to 70%.

ACT spokesman, Ed Colby said, "The score and readiness levels (in Iowa) remain significantly higher than the national average, which is good." Colby went on to say, "These findings mirror the national results to a large extent."

So the national average is trending down as well. This is not good for Iowa or the country.

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