Iowa comes in as one of the states with the least vulnerability to identity theft.

Turns out that Iowa came in as the 4th state that is least likely to be susceptible to identity theft in the country plus the District of Colombia. WalletHub used comparisons from all areas of the country and reports that came in of identity theft and financial losses of identity theft. Also, they looked at fraud to determine that Iowa was one of the safer states when it comes to identity theft.

  • Iowa came in 48th of 51 in Identity Theft Complaints per Capita.
  • Iowa came in 49th of 51 in Fraud Complaints per Capita.

To see a map of all 50 states and their rankings, see below.

Source: WalletHub

Although, maybe getting people's internet passwords to steal their identity is easier than one might think.

But as we all know, "Identity theft is not a joke, Jim."

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