Geography and grammar are both losing on this sign.

It's not uncommon that a fan will make a sign and bring it to a sporting event. But it's always good to proofread and it also wouldn't hurt if you know a little geography before you put marker to tag-board.

This gal is a Patriots fan and is trying to troll Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Her sign reads, "Mahomes Your Not IN Kansas Anymore!"  There are some mildly forgivable mistakes for a sign like not putting a comma after Mahomes or capitalizing every word. But not knowing the difference between "your" and "you're" is absolutely unforgivable.

Other than that gaff, Patriots gal, obviously doesn't know that the Kansas City Chiefs play in MISSOURI and not Kansas. It just makes this such a cringe worthy sign. Also... she displays it so proudly is what makes for the best laugh.

See her sign below:

Back to school for you, young lady.

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