Why show up to a party with a 30-pack of beer like some kind of lightweight when you could roll up with THIS sack of bad boys. Pabst Blue Ribbon just started selling new 99-pack of beer. They're calling it the 'Family Pack,' which is great. 'Hey kids, put down your homework and get in here, we need your help polishing off this giant case of PBR your uncle brought over.' Ok, so maybe the name isn't the best, but the packaging is.

The packs come in a long, narrow box it looks to be several feet long and probably needs two people to carry it.

It costs $175, which works out to $1.76 per beer. You're definitely paying for the gimmick though because if you were to buy a 30-pack of PBR for $20, those cans are only 67 cents each. According to Delish, the 99-packs are available in Iowa and 14 other states. YEEHAW.

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