2017 Class 2A Iowa High School Wrestling Sectional Tournament results, Sectional 10 from Albia.

The champion and runner-up advance to the 2017 Iowa High School District Wrestling Tournament on February 11, 2017.

1. Albia 225.0; 2. Winterset 218.0; 3. Centerville 173.5; 4. Central Decatur 141.0; 5. Chariton 111.5; 6. Clarke 89.0.

106 Results
1st Place - Bryce Hatten of Winterset
2nd Place - Michael Thomas of Albia
3rd Place - Lee Genobana of Centerville
1st Place Match
Bryce Hatten (Winterset) 28-7, Fr. over Michael Thomas (Albia) 24-6, Fr. (Fall 3:39).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Michael Thomas (Albia) 24-6, Fr. over Lee Genobana (Centerville) 4-4, Fr. (Dec 9-5).
3rd Place Match
Lee Genobana (Centerville) 4-4, Fr. (Bye).

113 Results
1st Place - Aden Reeves of Albia
2nd Place - Wyatt Dale of Central Decatur
3rd Place - Trey Allen of Winterset
4th Place - Gage Moorman of Centerville
1st Place Match
Aden Reeves (Albia) 45-1, So. over Wyatt Dale (Central Decatur) 42-11, Jr. (TF-1.5 3:08 (20-5)).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Wyatt Dale (Central Decatur) 42-11, Jr. over Trey Allen (Winterset) 26-20, So. (Fall 2:52).
3rd Place Match
Trey Allen (Winterset) 26-20, So. over Gage Moorman (Centerville) 28-22, Fr. (Fall 1:56).

120 Results
1st Place - Kayden Kauzlarich of Centerville
2nd Place - Jack West of Winterset
3rd Place - Storm Little of Albia
4th Place - Parker Hardy of Clarke
5th Place - David Walker of Central Decatur
6th Place - Trae Hall of Chariton
1st Place Match
Kayden Kauzlarich (Centerville) 39-6, Fr. over Jack West (Winterset) 25-8, Fr. (Fall 2:08).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Jack West (Winterset) 25-8, Fr. over Storm Little (Albia) 25-11, Sr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match
Storm Little (Albia) 25-11, Sr. over Parker Hardy (Clarke) 25-16, Jr. (Fall 1:37).
5th Place Match
David Walker (Central Decatur) 12-27, Fr. over Trae Hall (Chariton) 7-21, Fr. (Fall 3:17).

126 Results
1st Place - Gabe Ruepke of Chariton
2nd Place - Ethan Wagner of Centerville
3rd Place - Riley Domina of Clarke
4th Place - Barrett Bonnett of Albia
5th Place - Parker Anderson of Winterset
1st Place Match
Gabe Ruepke (Chariton) 49-3, Jr. over Ethan Wagner (Centerville) 34-17, Jr. (Fall 0:21).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Ethan Wagner (Centerville) 34-17, Jr. over Riley Domina (Clarke) 23-16, So. (Fall 1:49).
3rd Place Match
Riley Domina (Clarke) 23-16, So. over Barrett Bonnett (Albia) 28-23, Fr. (Fall 3:24).
5th Place Match
Parker Anderson (Winterset) 7-6, So. (Bye).

132 Results
1st Place - Tiger Terpstra of Centerville
2nd Place - Kruise KIburz of Winterset
3rd Place - Colby Wilken of Clarke
4th Place - Brett Powers of Central Decatur
1st Place Match
Tiger Terpstra (Centerville) 38-11, Jr. over Kruise KIburz (Winterset) 29-11, Fr. (TF-1.5 4:28 (23-4)).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Kruise KIburz (Winterset) 29-11, Fr. over Colby Wilken (Clarke) 17-15, So. (RULE).
3rd Place Match
Colby Wilken (Clarke) 17-15, So. over Brett Powers (Central Decatur) 3-26, Fr. (Fall 0:15).

138 Results
1st Place - Blake Ryerson of Winterset
2nd Place - Dominick Morris of Albia
3rd Place - Adrian Hill of Chariton
4th Place - Elliot Ness of Central Decatur
5th Place - Coel Reece of Clarke
6th Place - Nolan Bogle of Centerville
1st Place Match
Blake Ryerson (Winterset) 24-19, Jr. over Dominick Morris (Albia) 46-12, So. (Dec 9-2).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Dominick Morris (Albia) 46-12, So. over Adrian Hill (Chariton) 24-33, So. (TF-1.5 6:00 (15-0)).
3rd Place Match
Adrian Hill (Chariton) 24-33, So. over Elliot Ness (Central Decatur) 21-25, So. (Dec 9-5).
5th Place Match
Coel Reece (Clarke) 12-16, Fr. over Nolan Bogle (Centerville) 4-31, Jr. (Fall 3:21).

145 Results
1st Place - Justin Smith of Winterset
2nd Place - Bryce McKim of Albia
3rd Place - Luke Jones of Central Decatur
4th Place - Bob Wiskus of Centerville
1st Place Match
Justin Smith (Winterset) 34-9, Sr. over Bryce McKim (Albia) 39-9, Sr. (MD 13-2).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Bryce McKim (Albia) 39-9, Sr. over Luke Jones (Central Decatur) 36-18, Jr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match
Luke Jones (Central Decatur) 36-18, Jr. over Bob Wiskus (Centerville) 4-15, Jr. (Fall 0:38).

152 Results
1st Place - Kade Kelso of Central Decatur
2nd Place - Jonathan Bair of Clarke
3rd Place - David Morris of Albia
4th Place - Tayton Bartholomew of Centerville
5th Place - Kade Forsyth of Winterset
1st Place Match
Kade Kelso (Central Decatur) 50-1, Sr. over Jonathan Bair (Clarke) 22-16, So. (Fall 2:46).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Jonathan Bair (Clarke) 22-16, So. over David Morris (Albia) 36-13, So. (RULE).
3rd Place Match
David Morris (Albia) 36-13, So. over Tayton Bartholomew (Centerville) 11-34, So. (Fall 1:46).
5th Place Match
Kade Forsyth (Winterset) 9-12, Fr. (Bye).

160 Results
1st Place - Chance Masters of Central Decatur
2nd Place - Kyle Sinnott of Albia
3rd Place - Tommy Sommers of Chariton
4th Place - Elijah Nuzum of Winterset
1st Place Match
Chance Masters (Central Decatur) 27-19, Sr. over Kyle Sinnott (Albia) 21-9, Sr. (Fall 3:22).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Kyle Sinnott (Albia) 21-9, Sr. over Tommy Sommers (Chariton) 15-20, Jr. (Fall 0:38).
3rd Place Match
Tommy Sommers (Chariton) 15-20, Jr. over Elijah Nuzum (Winterset) 6-17, So. (Fall 1:24).

170 Results
1st Place - Connor Van Pelt of Winterset
2nd Place - Stephen Wardlow of Centerville
3rd Place - Jacob Fisher of Albia
4th Place - Adam Walker of Central Decatur
5th Place - Nathaniel Vandervort of Chariton
6th Place - Taven Floyd of Clarke
1st Place Match
Connor Van Pelt (Winterset) 21-17, Jr. over Stephen Wardlow (Centerville) 36-19, Jr. (Dec 2-0).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Stephen Wardlow (Centerville) 36-19, Jr. over Jacob Fisher (Albia) 18-28, Jr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match
Jacob Fisher (Albia) 18-28, Jr. over Adam Walker (Central Decatur) 24-22, Jr. (Inj. 0:00).
5th Place Match
Nathaniel Vandervort (Chariton) 17-27, Sr. over Taven Floyd (Clarke) 13-26, So. (MD 11-2).

182 Results
1st Place - Ben Mason of Albia
2nd Place - Nathan Bair of Clarke
3rd Place - Jade Spencer of Chariton
4th Place - Jalen Kleemier of Winterset
5th Place - Kameron Flick of Centerville
1st Place Match
Ben Mason (Albia) 36-10, Jr. over Nathan Bair (Clarke) 32-6, Sr. (Dec 10-7).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Nathan Bair (Clarke) 32-6, Sr. over Jade Spencer (Chariton) 19-20, Jr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match
Jade Spencer (Chariton) 19-20, Jr. over Jalen Kleemier (Winterset) 19-13, Sr. (Fall 5:13).
5th Place Match
Kameron Flick (Centerville) 6-20, Fr. (Bye).

195 Results
1st Place - Terrin Padilla of Albia
2nd Place - Kade Warren of Centerville
3rd Place - Parker Maynes of Winterset
4th Place - Reid Walters of Chariton
1st Place Match
Terrin Padilla (Albia) 34-16, Sr. over Kade Warren (Centerville) 23-22, Sr. (Fall 1:54).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Kade Warren (Centerville) 23-22, Sr. over Parker Maynes (Winterset) 27-19, Jr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match
Parker Maynes (Winterset) 27-19, Jr. over Reid Walters (Chariton) 0-2, So. (Fall 1:28).

220 Results
1st Place - Trace Carson of Central Decatur
2nd Place - Brett Martin of Albia
3rd Place - Tanner Marquadt of Winterset
4th Place - Peyton Russell of Centerville
5th Place - Jordan Jackson of Chariton
1st Place Match
Trace Carson (Central Decatur) 39-7, Sr. over Brett Martin (Albia) 8-8, Jr. (Dec 9-7).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Brett Martin (Albia) 8-8, Jr. over Tanner Marquadt (Winterset) 10-5, Sr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match
Tanner Marquadt (Winterset) 10-5, Sr. over Peyton Russell (Centerville) 18-27, So. (Fall 2:27).
5th Place Match
Jordan Jackson (Chariton) 15-18, Fr. (Bye).

285 Results
1st Place - Bradley Tolley of Winterset
2nd Place - Taylor Good of Chariton
3rd Place - Lane Pierce of Albia
4th Place - Trenten Bogle of Centerville
1st Place Match
Bradley Tolley (Winterset) 32-14, Fr. over Taylor Good (Chariton) 28-19, Jr. (Fall 0:56).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Taylor Good (Chariton) 28-19, Jr. over Lane Pierce (Albia) 15-18, Jr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match
Lane Pierce (Albia) 15-18, Jr. over Trenten Bogle (Centerville) 4-16, Jr. (Dec 1-0).

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