In 2019, Iowa legalized sports betting statewide. This allowed any Iowa resident, 21 and older, to visit a participating casino within the state and place a wager on a sporting event. The same type of gambling that was only legal in Las Vegas in years prior.

Now in 2021, KCCI reports Iowans can gamble from... anywhere within the state, and not just at a casino. Iowans are now allowed to download gaming apps, or to simply open an account on a participating website. Upon registering with the app or website of choice, you'll be asked to prove you're over 21, and location services will track your location to verify you are indeed in the state of Iowa. After that, you'll be allowed to place wagers on most any sport at the college level and higher.

The new law is expected bring in more money for the state, and will make it easier for residents who don't live near a casino to participate if they'd like to. Plus, with it being winter, the timing isn't bad either. Just be careful if you're like me a root for Minnesota sports teams, they tend to choke.

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