Let's face it, farmers here in Iowa and across the midwest have not been given the best weather for planting this year. This year, farmers are about two weeks behind when it comes to planting corn and for some, this can be stressful.

Last week, Iowa finally saw nice weather- and farmers all over the state jumped into their tractors to take advantage of it.

And of course, even if you are the driver or sitting on the buddy seat, you have to document it through TikTok videos!

These videos shared by farmers across the state help give an idea about what it's like to be in the field planting... or just a way to pass the time.

Their content can also just be a way people can relate to each other. This video from user @cdebruin has farmers commenting on the "type of farmer" they relate to most.

That's not everything farmers doccumented.

Last week, farmers on the west side of the state did see some setbacks with the weather. Some were impacted by dust-bowl conditions.

This "dust-bowl" type storm was a derecho that hit parts of Nebraska, South Dakota, and Western Iowa that have experienced severe drought conditions in the past year. That leaves soil dry and dusty and easily picked up by the storm's high winds.

While others dealt with damaging thunderstorms and tornado strength wind during a severe thunderstorm watch in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.

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