Agriculture is a stressful field. Farmers’ income is dependent on so many different factors that are out of their control- weather, labor, markets, etc.  And to top it off, people tend to think farmers have it simple and easy.

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However, there is more to farming that people seem to overlook.

September marks National Suicide Awareness month and farmers from across the country took to social media to spread awareness of the impact suicide has on the agriculture industry.

The trend looks at how people often mistake farming/agriculture as being an easy occupation when in reality, many people are struggling.

Whether it be mental health, money, or environmental concerns, these videos look at some of the misconceptions about agriculture and how these are sometimes overlooked by consumers.

All with the powerful message; “don’t just thank a farmer, pray for a farmer”.

A study done by the CDC back in 2016 showed that the male suicide rate amongst farmers was43.2 per 100,000 people. The same study showed that among all working males in 2016, the suicide rate was 25.4 out of 100,000.

A study from the University of Iowa found that suicide rates among farmers and agricultural workers were well above workers in other occupations from 1992 to 2010.

In another study published in the National Library of Medicine, 97.4 of the 197 participants suffered from some form of depression. Severe depression was found in 67 percent of participants and 60 percent of the farmers had some suicidal ideation.

Please remember: if you are experiencing a mental health crisis, it is okay to get help. The suicide and crisis lifeline is free and available 24/7 at 988. More resources can be found online as well through the Iowa Farm Bureau page. 

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