It's no small praise to say that a channel is the best Iowa thing on TikTok, but that's what I believe about Iowa Dairy Boys. There's no place I've found online that is more Iowa than this.

I have confessed that I'm a fan of Gucci the Cow and Iowa Chill on TikTok. I check out new shares from them whenever possible. However, I would like to submit Iowa Dairy Boys to the list of Iowa channels you need to follow. Here's a small sample of what they offer:

Cows doing cow things with new bales of hay

Tractor Cam

Farming as a video game

Hungry calves vs doors

I could go on and on. The appealing thing about their channel to me is they're not trying to be funny or clever. Often their real Iowa dairy lives end up being humorous, but it's real Iowa stuff and not contrived or staged videos just for TikTok entertainment.

When I have friends that don't live here that want to know what Iowa is like, this is the channel I point them to. In my not-so-humble opinion, Iowa Dairy Boys are a must-follow on TikTok. Seriously.

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