I have never been so mortified in my entire life!

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On my recent trip to New York City, I finally got to go see a Broadway show. It's been years since I last saw any sort of theatrical production in NYC.

In July, I got my sister tickets to see the revival of Sweeney Todd starring Josh Groban and Gaten Matarazzo from "Stranger Things." The Tony nominated musical has been a favorite of ours for a few years now. It's a horror musical written by the brilliant Stephen Sondheim.

When we went down to the city to see the show, we got some slightly disappointing news. Josh Groban tested positive for COVID-19 and would not be performing at our performance that Friday night.

He returned to the stage on Thursday, August 24th though.

His stand in Nicholas Christopher went on instead. Christopher did a fantastic job! However, the person who really stole the show in my opinion was Gaten who played Tobias.

I was adamant about going to the stage door as they were leaving to tell the "Stranger Things" how amazing he was. As soon as the lights came on after the show concluded, I turned to my sister and told her to run to the stage door.

If you've never been to a Broadway show in NYC "stage dooring" is where audience members go to the stage door that the actors exit out of and get their playbills signed and interact with the cast.

Luckily, my sister was able to get us squeezed into the front of this crowd, so we had a prime spot to talk with the cast. My sister Laura and I were saddled up to this snobby girl who made it her entire personality that she went to theater school. She kept bragging about all of her interactions with Broadway stars.

Plus, she was wearing a huge backpack that kept hitting me, so I was really annoyed with her.

All of the cast were incredibly kind and giving of their time...except for possibly one star.

Once Matarazzo came out, the crowd surrounding the theater roared. He walked down the line to interact with all of his fans. And the girl next to me was having her conversation with him as he signed her playbill. When the cast member is signing your playbill, you can have a quick little conversation with them. Once they move on to the next playbill, it's common curtesy to wrap up your conversation.

As he made his way to me, I was prepared to tell him how amazing he was in the show. I had everything I was going to say planned out because I wanted a unique interaction with him. One where I sounded cool, unique, and chill.

Maybe this was going to be such a great fan interaction, he would mention on one of the talk shows in the future.

When he got to me, I thanked him for his autograph and wanted to tell him how great he was. BUT HE COMPLETELY IGNORED ME.

He just continued his convo with the snobby girl! Luckily, he didn't ignore my sister's request for a selfie.

You can practically hear my embarrassment in that .02 seconds of silence.

Let me know if I was the one in the wrong or if this was the rudest interaction with a celebrity of all time. Watch the clip down below!

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