A reporter shared her experience visiting an Iowa farm, and it was absolutely adorable!

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When I first moved to Iowa nearly three years ago, I experienced a bit of a culture shock. The people are nice, the food is always fresh and good, and the farm animals are ALWAYS adorable.

One Minnesotan reporter got to witness this firsthand during a recent story she covered.

Mills Hayes is a multimedia reporter operating out of Minneapolis. You can usually catch her on the local Fox News affiliate covering major stories in the Midwest and beyond. She even covered the high-profile Alex Murdaugh case back in the spring.

In one of her more recent stories, she came to our neck of the woods to report on...you guessed it!


Of course, this reporter had to make a stop at an Iowa farm in order to successfully execute her live shot. While it looked like it was set to be an incredibly formative report, she was interrupted before really being able to dig into

The video is from her news report on how the price of farmland is so high that young farmers are being priced out of the market. You'd think a rather serious issue like this would lead to a somewhat intense stand up.

One adorable guest decided to throw the reporter off her rhythm.

A cow named Ruby stole the show. Hayes tried to keep it together at first, but quickly Ruby won her over with her sweetness and her eagerness to make a brief television appearance.

Check out her REAL full report down below!

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