Holy Cow!  A Westgate steer was no Jack in the Box, playing Hide and Seek for over a month.

Jack Williams of Westgate has pretty sneaky livestock.  His herd was able to bump a post on the gate and then escape.  Of the 30 plus cows that were on the loose, 24 were caught later that day, leaving 9 to wonder the country side.  Over the next few days they slowly returned with the help of neighbors, friends and people Jack hadn't known yet, but one lone wolf remained at large.

Williams said the wayward steer was spotted here and there, rubbing on decks, popping up in yards, but remained elusive.

After playing hide and seek for over 40 days and nights, the steer is finally home, safe and sound.  Liz Brown called Jack Williams to get the scoop.

Williams wants everyone to remember, "People are good".  He thanks everyone who helped bring the steer home or asked if he was back yet.

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