They give you a life time of service, you can give your tractors 20 minutes of your full attention.

National Farm Safety and Health Week is September 17 through 23.  There is so much to talk about, today we are focusing on your tractors and equipment.

Start with a walk around.  Check and clean all lamps and lamp covers.  If it’s broke or burnt out, replace it.  That five to ten dollars is well worth it.

Look at the Slow Moving Vehicle Sign.  No, stop and honestly look at it.  If it’s faded or not reflecting very well, clean it or replace it.  Another ten dollars well spent to keep you and your fellow road travelers safe.

Tires.  Yeah, they are pricey and take a lot of abuse.  Show them some love by checking to make sure they are in good condition, inflated and ready to carry you or your family over the fields and back from grandpa’s farm this harvest season.  After all, a little love now can save you a lot of cash.  Hmmm…that sounds like wise advice for life.

Alight, now grab the grease gun and put it to good use.  We know what happens when we assume something is “good enough”.  Don’t assume, check it out and make sure.

Lastly, let’s check out what I call control center.  Steering wheel, seat, breaks, levers and mirrors.  Is your control center fit for a king or queen?  Would your mother or grandmother approve?  Yes?  Honestly?  If so, great!  I applaud you.  If not, let’s fix it up, then I’ll applaud you.

Your family wants you safe all year round and you want them safe too.  Remember, you are leading by example.

National Farm Safety and Health Awareness Week runs September 17 through 23.  Stay safe this harvest season. A reminder from KOEL AM 950 and Dunkerton Coop.

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