National Farm Safety and Health Week is September 17 through 23.  There is so much to talk about, today let's dress for success on the farm.

It’s early in the morning and you are heading out.  Worn jeans, old T-shirt, favorite flannel and crab a cap on your way.  Slip on your boots, grab your cell phone, pick up the keys and you are out the door.

Those jeans are going to get dirty, that’s for sure.  But are they safe?  You ripped the back pocket a little bit more last week when you jumped over the fence.  That pocket won’t hold your cell phone or wallet, so you move them to a shirt pocket.  I wonder how fast that torn pocket would snag on nail in the stall you grab the hay out off.  You know, that same nail you have been meaning to pull after it your jacket caught on it last spring.

Stop.  Cut that pocket off.  It’s ok, you won’t miss it.

It’s early so you have your flannel on this morning.  It’s not cool enough to button it up, so you leave it open.  You just need it for morning chores and then you can toss it in the truck.  Your PTO is running and I think your flannel looks best on you, so could you just take it off or tuck it in.  Yeah, I know, you’ll be safe and pay attention, but I also know those PTOs are sneaky and fast, like a toddler and they grab things before you realize it.

While you’re tucking in that flannel, could you lace up and tie your boots?  Those darn strings love to fall between anything and drag behind.  I’d really hate for you to jump down off the tractor and leave your foot inside your boot and your boot on the break peddle while you are on the ground.  Plus, then your cell phone would probably fall out of your shirt pocket and go flying.  How would you call for help if that happened?

Just a quick reminder to take 10 extra minutes to take care of you and keep you safe this harvest season.

National Farm Safety and Health Awareness Week runs September 17 through 23.  Stay safe this harvest season. A reminder from KOEL AM 950 and Dunkerton Coop.

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