This could be the new order to get to the pros.

After Clemson's dismantling of Alabama in the National Championship Game, one thing is clear.... Trevor Lawrence can PLAY. Man, this 19-year-old is good.  "He's gonna be a legend" was written from ESPN. "Trevor Lawrence is the absolute dream" was written by the New York Post.  "It sucks that Trevor Lawrence Can't Play in the NFL Until 2021" was from Deadspin. Although Deadspin is accurate about not being able to play in the NFL until 2021, it doesn't necessarily mean he can't be a professional before then.

NFL rules say that players must play in college for three years before they can become eligible for the NFL. The XFL is starting in 2020 and commissioner Oliver Luck has suggested that the league might be considering taking players before the three years is up to play in college. Luck has said flatly that the XFL is not subject the NFL or the NFL Players Association so they could theoretically sign players at any time. Luck told the Sports Business Radio Road Show podcast that they could take kids right out of high school but it is unlikely that they would dip that young in the talent pool.

Baseball players can go right from high school to the pros. Hockey players can go to juniors (Waterloo Black Hawks). Basketball players have to play one year of college basketball. So the new order for football players like Trevor Lawrence could be High School, College, XFL then the NFL.

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